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Publish with Us!

Do you want to publish independently but don't know how? Publish with us!


When you choose Infinity Flower Publishing as your publisher, we do a few things:


  • We set up your title on Ingram Spark. This allows you to get your book to all major distributors so that stores like Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and even places like Wal-Mart can order your title. You can register with us (no fees) or we can set up your own Ingram Spark account (fees will be assessed). This provides you with as little to as much control as you'd like!

  • We make sure your book is registered with Bowker, the only company that distributes ISBNs in the US. You have the choice of purchasing an ISBN from us (no fees) or purchasing your own with our guidance (fees will be assessed), again providing you as much control over your content as you'd like.

  • We provide you with a barcode on your cover.

  • We do all editing, typesetting, and design in-house to ensure that your book's stylistic design remains intact.

  • We offer blurbs, synopses and tag-lines, and other promotional materials, including but not limited to one-sheets, car magnets, banner designs, card design, bookmarks, etc.

  • We offer marketing packages to help you sell your book.


At Infinity Flower Publishing, writing is our passion! We are committed to excellence in all aspects of your book, from the front cover to the back and everything in between!






We want to start on your project today!

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