Cover Design

Your cover is one of the 3 most important pieces of your book's presentation. It needs to be eye-catching and interesting, while alluding to what might possibly be inside!​ Let us design yours today!

View our gallery here.

$100.00 USD


Your book cannot be purchased or sold without an ISBN. All ISBNs purchased through us are registered to Infinity Flower Publishing and are purchased from Bowker, the only service in the US that is allowed to distribute ISBNs.

$45.00 USD


All books need a barcode in order to be carried in-store. Ebooks are the only format that do not require them. Our barcodes typically include the price, but can be written without it upon request.

$30.00 USD

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Infinity Flower Publishing, LLC reserves the right to display any work, for-hire or done as part of the Writers Club program, in any of our portfolios or as a sample to future or current clients.

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