Also known as a sell sheet or a pitch sheet, this is one tool you need in your toolbox! It is a one-page document that describes what you have written, why it's special, and where interested parties can buy your book! As well as handing them out at conferences, they can be given to agents, editors, bookstores, and even those interested in booking you for a speaking engagement! Send us a message today to get started on your one-sheet!

Our Price: $25 USD

Other Design Work

Need a catchy poster for your display? Need a banner to stand behind your table at your book signing? Bookmarks? We can create great pieces for you that will be eye-catching and showcase your book!


Most pieces start at $25 USD. More complex pieces may incur additional cost.

Author Blurb

Even if you have an awesome cover, a blurb is what will really sell your book to a potential buyer. Your reader wants to know about you; who you are, what you do, and what you like. Let us write you an exciting blurb to be used in your marketing campaign!


Our Price: $15.00 USD


We will write you a thorough, professional review, which can be used on any platform of your choice. We do not guarantee any rating or number of stars, but we do guarantee that our reviews will be unbiased overviews of your work.

Our Price: $150.00 USD

Synopsis & Tag Line

For all the words that come pouring from your fingers, a synopsis is still difficult to write! Let us take care of that for you. Our synopses can be used as back-cover material, and each one includes a tag line!



Our Price: $40.00 USD

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