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Why Copy Editing Matters

Copy editing is the process of revising written material to improve readability. What does this mean? What do copy editors do?

  1. Simple revisions Copy editors do not have free rein to change complete passages or write on the author's behalf.

  2. Ask questions Copy editors can point out organizational issues or cohesiveness issues, but generally do not fix these or rewrite to address these.

  3. Edit the material The most important part! Copy editors look at your copy (words) and fix mistakes, recommend changes, and help you to make your manuscript beautiful!

Copy editing is largely what we do here at Infinity Flower Publishing. For developmental editing, it is recommended to use alternatives such as alpha/beta readers, who can look at the story as a whole and offer advice. We also do proofreading, to help finalize the copy before it goes to print and ensure the highest quality work available!

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