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Self-Editing Tips

Editing is a necessary evil - and we completely understand that authors aren't millionaires (not yet anyway!). So here are some tips to help you self-edit:

  • Print out your manuscript. Reading on the screen and reading on paper are two totally different things. Your eyes see different things, and your brain has a chance to notice things like misspelled words which you would otherwise gloss over on a computer screen.

  • Read your manuscript out loud. Reading aloud allows you hear how things sound and can help you hear when dialogue is stiff or when sentences don't make sense.

  • Take a break. This may seem silly, but it's true. When you stare at something for so long, your brain knows what it wants it to say, not what it should say. Taking a break (a day or two, or even a week or two) can allow your brain to "forget" and can help you to see the errors.

  • Re-read. Re-reading allows you to go over what you just wrote. Sometimes you're in a flow, and don't notice the mistakes you made until you go back and read it again. Of course, get those words down first, that's the most important, but always be sure to take a second look at what you've written.

If you think you've done the best self-editing you can, but still need more help, reach out to us! We are always happy to help! And don't forget to join the Writer's Club to get access to our amazing discounts, a full list of resources, book bloggers, and a ton more!

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