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Is 'Too Short' Too Short?

So, two of the most debatable subjects is word count and number of pages. I say this having written stories on a variety of subjects that have taken me to a variety of lengths of pages. Like some of you, I use Microsoft Word and enjoy the many benefits of its formatting. However, the one thing it doesn’t take into consideration is the differences between a book page size in comparison to white computer paper. I mean, yes, you can adjust the margins but its still not the same especially with the font size being different. Now, don’t be discouraged if it says you have only typed the 80 pages and you feel like you are almost done, but the page count needs to be higher.

One of the most dangerous things for an author is trying to milk out 20 more pages of excess writing simply because you have the pressure of wanting to hit 100. Many books have landed below the 100-page mark and still are considered classics. All I can say is listen to your heart on how you feel the story is progressing. If you are finished with the desired ending, then absolutely don’t push yourself. Writing is about creating a series of images in the reader’s mind to establish a story. So, if you feel like you have done that successfully and done that to your liking, then don’t overdo it.

The second most dangerous thing is your word count. Do not write a story and stare at the word count at the bottom of the page at the same time. That is the last thing you need to add more pressure to your writing time. Plus, it really means nothing especially, when you can accomplish things with far less words. Whether your sentences have 15 words or 7 words, usually less can tell more. It makes thing easier for the reader and for the overall flow of writing.

At the end of the day, enjoy the process and the flow without the outside stress of word count or page numbers.

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