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3 Tips for Creating a Story with Guillermo Porro III

Written by Guillermo F. Porro III

Creating a story isn’t as easy as sitting behind a keyboard and going to town. However, it can be, if you have a certain level of preparedness before typing the first word. I mean, really from where I began as a writer to now, these tricks or tips helped me become a better storyteller. Now, to help pass this along, let me explain to you the best I can.

  1. Figure out what kind of main character you are looking for. Whether it is animal, human, or mineral, your main character and the species they belong to can give you the best idea on how to develop ideas. Figuring out the main character can aid with the creation of secondary characters and their connections. Different interactions can lead to either a positive or negative feeling to the main character which can aid on building the main antagonist.

  2. Evoke the desired emotions. The great thing about writing a book is you have total control. Whether you want death to occur or life to grow, the author can write any action into existence. That action whether simple or complex can invoke an intended emotion in the reader, especially once they build a connection with that character. Now obviously, if everything goes the way of the character and the antagonist gets his just desserts, then you are going to be overjoyed because the hero won. However, if your hero climbs up the mountain (figuratively) only to be knocked down, then the reader can feel an array of emotions. Readers can be your best friend, but they can also be picky when it comes to their expectations. That’s where the author takes control and dictates the events that transpire after the tumble. Being an author is more than just putting down words onto a page, we are more of a director for all characters in play.

  3. Passion This is the biggest ingredient because you can write all day and still have a stale product that readers don’t believe in. Now, if it is something that you are truly excited about doing, then the audience will get that tingle down their spine whenever you deliver on each twist and turn. It builds an underlying layer of intrigue that the reader can follow, even beyond the sentences that travel through pages.

While indeed simple, these tips and hints have helped me dictate and direct 5 novels plus many other stories in my lifetime. I hope that with a brief read of the words provided, it can aid you on your journey into the achievement of becoming an author.

You can check out his works on Amazon or follow his group on Facebook to find messages of the day, as well as updates on upcoming projects.

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