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Do You Need an Alpha or Beta Reader?

You've probably heard the term 'alpha reader' and 'beta reader', but what do those mean? When do you use one over the other? Today I'm going to give you some key takeaways for what each does!

An alpha reader is useful early on. Alpha readers can:

  • point out early flaws that you as the author may miss

  • give feedback on the progress of the story (it doesn't have to be completed to go to an alpha reader)

  • understand it's a rough draft and they are the first reader, and that the ideas will take better shape as you refine them

Beta readers are an excellent next step after you've conferred with your alpha reader and made your rewrites. Beta readers can:

  • give opinions about the story

  • answer questions about the story (say you've written something in there and you're worried the reader won't get it right away - beta readers are the best people to ask!)

  • give a different perspective on how some parts of your story might be interpreted by readers

Remember that these people (whom you select) are there to help you; you should always hear what they have to say, but ultimately you have to take the advice that's right for you from their critiques. At the end of the day, you're the author, and if you're not happy with the final manuscript, then you're not doing it right!

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