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  • Emily Cannon

My Journey - Writing the Stress Away

I’m only twenty years old but know more about writing than most people I’ve met. People always ask me “why do you write so much?”

Well it’s simple. It’s to calm me and to make things more clear. If I don’t understand a problem and I stress about it I always write about it because it calms me from wanting to curl up in a ball and cry for hours on end.

I’ve been writing since I was nine years old after my grade six English teacher told us to write a poem. At the time I was being bullied so I wrote a really deep poem about pain and depression, about being hurt. That got me sent to the counselor's office right away. Yet for a split second, I felt relieved that I no longer felt as though I was being bullied.

So, from that day forward I was writing daily and now I’m twenty and learned a lot more about myself through writing than I ever will working or meeting new people.

My friends always ask me to write a poem for them for their loved ones because they know they’ll get a better reaction from me doing it. My friends know me as the writer as well, not the social butterfly or the pretty girl, just the writer that always has a pen and paper to write something. I’ve written poems on my friend's arm because I was bored and had nothing to do.

Hotel Hell, available on Amazon, is one of my pieces that helped me deal with workplace harassment and constantly being emotionally abused in the workplace. Hotel Hell helped me through a lot, and I promised myself I would publish that book because it represented my strength and ability to push through a hell no one else could.

I published it through Amazon because I’m way too poor to go through an agency and because I made my own rules, which I like doing. I know in my mind my book won’t go far, but in my heart I feel like it's worldwide and that everyone is loving it. Hotel Hell is my personal, emotional, hell-gone-physical to cope with my emotional state of mind at the time. And a lot of my voice shows through with that book and I have been told I have a unique voice when writing. If it’s not me in a story then it’s not my work, which any other writer will tell you.

Every little word you write is you, not anyone else. My voice is what I want to show people, not another person's voice. I’m a unique writer not a traditional writer. I am me, I’m Emily Cannon, that writer from Canada.

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