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  • Guillermo Porro

My Journey - Adventures

First thing first,

Writing was not my passion initially. I started off that kid in class asleep as the teacher read off pages from novels. Then after I began to get depressed years later, I began to write poetry.

After writing a hundred or so of those, I moved on to stories. Then I guess as they say the rest is history. When I decided to self-publish my first book with Lulu, I did it with no expectation. Reason being, I was doing it not only to prove to myself I can but to check it off my bucket list. It was tough with each step providing a hurdle either financially or just mentally. It was draining with time and brainpower but, now to have it completed I can say it was well worth it.

My advice though is to remain focused on what you want from it and keep your head up. I mean yes you may not sell many copies but, not many people can say they have accomplished something like Publishing. Another thing is once you get one done you are going to want to publish more!

My book, The Adventures of George and Reggie, is a story about talking animals.

Not your dog, cat, or rabbit story but a story about a Bear and a Bobcat. They are on a rescue mission against Colonel Nua and his gang of iguanas and narwhals.

See, books are a piece of you, whether it's a biography or some slice of your personality. This one is the latter in my case obviously. From the use of animal puns to the silly moments between the rescuing, this book is me. Now, that is another piece of advice I can give is that you should always be yourself.

I have tried to write much more serious pieces on different genres only to find myself losing interest. However, with this story, I fell in love with being able to create characters inside the world that they can call home. One benefit of having an imaginative mind like us authors have is the ability to tell a story through words. To create the world by providing details about the simplest thing can make anyone feel as if they are watching it play out.

Writing can be healing, inspirational, and powerful yet still be revealing by allowing the author to express their thoughts. So, whether you self-publish or traditionally publish, never lose the mindset that this book is about you. The story is your baby, your creation, and at the end of the day something that you have created.

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