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Bookstore Signing

Let our experienced consultants book an in-store signing for you at a store in your local area!


*Price is per booking. Additional bookings incur additional fees.*

$40.00 USD

Ingram Spark Ad

Reach wider audiences with an advertisement in Ingram Spark's catalog, which is widely distributed to bookstores, libraries, schools, etc.!

(Available only to authors who publish with Infinity Flower Publishing) 

$90.00 USD

Twitter Campaign

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the fastest and easiest ways to market your book! Let us book you promotions from some of the top indie author promoters!

You are guaranteed 1-day promotions (multiple tweets per day) with three different websites.

*Purchases and clicks are not guaranteed*

$50.00 USD

Facebook Ad

Everyone you know is on Facebook! Why not take advantage of it? We will run a targeted Facebook Ad.

*Purchases and clicks are not guaranteed*

$250.00 USD

Goodreads Ad

Goodreads is a great place to pick up new readers and get your book exposure! Let us run a targeted Goodreads Ad for you!

*Purchases and clicks are not guaranteed*

$250.00 USD

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