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Van is an entrepreneur and has been involved in quite a few projects before he decided to write Zyshawn Camp Adventures. He wants Zyshawn, who will be five years old in May, to know that he is deeply loved and a huge inspiration in his dad's life. Van believes that a father's love for his children should be talked about and shared, and that is one of his main goals in writing his children's books.

About Van:

Van is an up-and-coming children's book writer. He currently lives in St. Louis, MO, with his son, Zyshawn, who is his inspiration! Van is a dedicated dad. When he's not working, Van is busy detailing Zyshawn's adventures. His debut work, Zyshawn Camp Adventures, will be available Spring 2017!

What is Van currently working on?


  • Zyshawn Camp Adventures (Children's Book)

  • Zyshawn's 5th Birthday (Children's Book)

  • If I Didn't Have a Home (Children's Poetry Book)

  • Life of a Single Dad (Adult non-fiction, biography)

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