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My Journey - Finding your Niche by Dan Heiser

May 4, 2017


The path to being published is sometimes long and twisted. I have been writing since as long as I could remember and I have always dreamed of being published. Like most authors, I had the problem of finding my niche. I had a wide taste of what I liked to read and what I liked to write about.


I started off with fantasy and things of that nature, but, no matter what, I had no urge to finish writing the first project before starting another. I was never a fan of completing my first project before a new idea popped up. I blamed it on not wanting the story to end when now that I think about it I had never thought of an ending, since I was willing to move to the next idea so quickly.



When I found my niche for historical fiction all that changed. I started with a history subject I had been studying since I was four years old, the RMS Titanic. I knew so much about the ship so in July of 2015 I began writing These Four Days. It took me ten months to write the entire thing and then took a six-month break to work on the next project while a relative edited the book.


I grew impatient with my relative and bought ProWritingAid, the editing software that helped me significantly when editing These Four Days. When I finished the editing I hired 123 Publish Inc. to edit my very first historical fiction. We moved quickly and took a month to get it onto the market. It is slowly getting attention and being seen by more people, who I hope to share a great story with.


While finishing the last of These Four Days in April 2015 I started my second project and dual wrote. I only recommend this to those who actually have the will power and strength to have two ideas running at the same time. It has taken me a year and a half to write Where I’ve Been and it is finally nearing its completion.


Once I complete Where I’ve Been in the next few days, I plan to start the editing process with a freelance editor I have found and start the Self Publishing process. That way I can further understand the publishing process and feel further accomplished once Where I’ve Been has hit the market. I’ve been studying World War I religiously to understand times and seasons during the war to correctly portray in this current book and I look forward to starting the publishing process once more to get it out on the market.



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