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Writers Club

I bet you've seen the badge on the website for the Writers Club. If you're looking for help, quality articles, and discounts on services, you need to join! Run by Ryan Lanz from A Writer's Path, this club is $1 a month and offers so many benefits - including discounts on Infinity Flower Publishing services!

Check it out below: "The purpose of this Writers Club is to make being a writer easier.

Being a writer is tough sometimes. We’re expected to write an awesome book, create a flawless manuscript, hunt for quality service providers, procure a stunning book cover, upload manuscripts to marketplaces, send query letters to agents, be visible everywhere online, and of course endlessly promote our books. Honestly, that’s a lot.

As the owner/curator of a writing tips blog of 28,000 subscribers and author myself, I know what that’s like. Especially considering the stiff competition out there, writers need ways to give themselves a boost. I’ve found the most immediate support in AWP Writers Club.” -Felicia Denise, author of In the Best Interest of the Child

By joining this Writers Group, you’ll gain skills, tools, and cost savings that will help offset the headaches. With anything from exclusive articles to discounts from service providers, you’ll likely find what you need from being part of this community.

I would suggest this service to any writer; it has helped me greatly since becoming a member.” -Lorena Beaver, author of The Heart of Worlds Here’s a list of the benefits you’ll receive. Up to 50% discount on services, such as:

  • Editing

  • Book cover design

  • Proofreading services

  • Ghostwriters

  • Book coaching

  • Social media marketing

  • Book advertising

  • Interior book design

  • Query critique

  • Website graphic design

  • Formatting

  • Writing courses

  • Audio book narration

  • Ebook formatting

  • Website creation

  • Virtual assistant services

  • Book trailers

You’ll also receive:

  • Free portional services, such as editing, book coaching, book cover design, blurb coaching, manuscript critique, query critique, query consultation, and one-sheet creation.

  • Free ongoing book advertising.

  • Discounts from writing-related service providers, such as editors, book cover designers, proofreading services, ghostwriters, social media marketing, book advertising, template design, audio book narration, and more. This list is 60 discounted services and growing.

  • Access to a list of over 160 book review bloggers (for book exposure and book reviews)

  • Articles before anyone else gets to read them on the A Writer’s Path blog.

  • A free copy of all of my personally-written eBooks, including The Idea Factory: 1,000 Story Ideas & Writing Prompts to Find Your Next Bestseller ($2.99 value).

  • Insider tips from published authors in short, bite-sized articles.

  • Exclusive author interviews.

  • Giveaways (given equally to everyone).

  • Random additional bonuses and perks.

“The Writers Club is great! With so many discounted and free services, I have access to everything I need, all in one place! -E. Paige Burks, author of Return to Royalty

Fast-track your writing progress. Be a part of something. Join a Writer’s Path Writers Club."

Email us for more! If you're already a member and what to take advantage of your discount, include your discount code in your email!

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