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Interview with Jenny King, Author and Motivational Speaker!

Self-publishing is hard and can be a daunting task. We reached out to author and motivational speaker, Jenny King to ask about her self-publishing journey!

Q: What made you decide to self-publish?

A: Years ago, I had a dream that I would be an author. And I kept vision in the back of my mind. As I got older, I realized just how much I loved sharing my personal journey with weight loss and overcoming low self-esteem with others. It just made sense to make my first book about that personal journey. I chose to self-publish because it seemed like the most reasonable and economical option.

Q:What were you most anxious about when choosing to self-publish?

A: I was most anxious about the end-to-end process. I had no idea what I was doing when I embarked on the journey. I just started putting pen to paper and figured out the rest as I went along. I’m grateful that I met several people throughout my publishing journey who guided me through each necessary step.

Q: How would you describe your self-publishing journey?

A: I would describe it as a faith walk. I really had to push past a lot of fear as I stepped out on faith. There was a lot of new territory for me, and certain aspects of the self-publishing journey were overwhelming. The beauty through it all was realizing that it things weren’t as bad as I made them out to be in my mind.

Q: What was the most valuable thing you learned from self-publishing?

A: The most valuable thing that I learned from self-publishing is two-pronged. 1) I can do anything I put my mind to if I believe in myself and persevere. 2) You can accomplish more in a shorter period if you reach out and lean on others for help.

Q: What advice would you give others who want to self-publish?

A: Don’t try to do it on your own. Reach out for help. Seek advice and assistance from professionals who have reputable references and invest in their support.

Did you enjoy Jenny's interview? Would you like to learn more? Find Jenny on Facebook and Instagram, check out her website for some amazing self-help talks, and don't forget to purchase her book and the accompanying journal!

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