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  • P. Barrera

How to Turn an Idea into a Story

This happens to my husband a lot. He comes up with a badass idea and is super pumped and excited about...but then it never goes anywhere. He's so creative and has so many cool stories, but they never leave his head.

Part of that is because he doesn't take the time to flush them out and sit down and put them on paper, but maybe, like others (perhaps you?), he just doesn't know how to turn them from cool ideas into full-fledged stories.

Here are three tips to help get you started!

  1. Brainstorm Think about your idea. Where do you want it to go? Start sketching an outline to help you figure out what your beginning, middle, and end could be.

  2. Research Come up with ideas to help pad your original idea. Research could be any number of things: reading similar books, watching movies, listening to music, or trolling Wikipedia.

  3. Write! You've done the above, but if you don't write, that idea will always just be that - an idea. WRITE IT DOWN. Save multiple iterations. Rewrite it a thousand times until something starts to make sense. Just write!

What techniques do you use to flush out your ideas? Do you need help with your manuscript? Email us today!

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