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  • P. Barrera

How to Encourage Writers

The definition of encouragement is 'the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.' So how does one encourage a writer? Here are three easy tips to lift up the writer in your life or inside you!

  1. Read their writing. One of the most precious things to a writer is their writing. If they've shared it with you, READ IT! It means they trust you and value your opinion.

  2. Give feedback. Feedback is good, but can be difficult. Feedback is not just saying, "yes it was great, I loved it!" Good feedback will reward what is done well but offer pointers or gentle opportunities for improvement.

  3. Tell them to keep writing. It can be hard to keep motivated as a writer. Writing can be isolating, since you're the only one with the story in your head. Encourage the writer in your life to keep going, no matter what! If they don't tell their story, who will?

How do you encourage the writer in your life? How do you keep going when you start struggling? Leave us a comment!

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