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Book Building Blocks - Why is Typesetting Important?

Book Building Blocks

Why is Typesetting Important?

The definition of typesetting is "the composition of text by means of arranging physical type or its digital equivalent."

When we talk about typesetting in the context of a new book, we're referring to the inside of your book - once your manuscript has undergone editing, the next step is making your book look pretty. There are three key components we look at when creating your book's interior.

  1. Hierarchy - This refers to the size and weight of the different fonts. Title fonts will be larger and thicker, while chapter fonts will be slightly less so, followed by the actual prose.

  2. Fonts - Fonts are chosen carefully. We try to use at least 2 unique fonts, however, choosing is not always easy! The selected fonts must look nice together.

  3. Spacing, Tracking & Padding - These are the little details that will affect your reader without you realizing it. If lines or letters are too close together, this can affect readability.

We keep all of these and more in mind when we build your book! These things become more important when things such as designs or images are incorporated. But don't worry, we know how to give you a book that you will love!

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