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Adjusting Your Writing Schedule

by Lindsey Richardson (originally posted on

I’ve talked about the importance of a writing schedule before on the blog, but tonight we’re talking about the importance of adjusting that schedule.

This is something this year –this month more specifically –that I found out is so crucial.

We tend to get set in our day to day routines, which means if you have let’s say 9pm as your normal writing time that you either do or don’t write at 9pm each night. The problem with getting stuck to a strict schedule or a “normal” schedule when writing is that it can lead to you being just that –stuck.

For me I used to always write at night because I work in the daytime. It made sense to have my designated writing time to be around 9 or 10pm because that was the free time I had to sit down and write.

But recently I discover I wasn’t writing as much or even at all for long periods of time. I was too tired or I actually had plans at night that kept me out late.

So recently I switched my schedule to writing in the daytime during my lunch breaks. It gives me less time to write, and usually if I’m lucky I only manage 20-30 minutes, but now at least I’m making progress. No matter how small it’s still something. And it means whatever I get done in the day leaves me with more free time during the night –and might I mention, less stress and guilt.

So if you feel like your current writing schedule isn’t working don’t be afraid to change it up. In fact, I encourage you to change it. Try different times of the day (or night) to write. Test it out for a few days or weeks maybe. Whatever you find to be the most successful, that’s what you should go with.

When making your writing schedule, remember:

  • You don’t need to write every day.

  • You’re allowed a break (or breaks) –however long those may be

  • Do what feels the most comfortable (less stress = a happier writer)

  • Find an efficient way to track your daily progress –especially if that’s the sort of thing that motivates you

  • Always give yourself options –maybe there are several times in the day you can write, or maybe you just got some unexpected spare time that can make up for any previous “slack” in the week

  • Don’t be afraid of change

I hope this can help somebody out there who is struggling with time management and productivity. I think it’s really healthy to change up your writing schedule and to reevaluate it each month or so to see what’s working and what’s not.

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