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Calling All Authors!

Are you in need of a book review? Look no further!

Infinity Flower Publishing is offering discounted book reviews for the low, low, low price of $25!!

That's the cost of 5 cups of coffee (if you like those fancy ones with the toppings!) and you'll get something that will last much longer than your frappadappachino!

With IFP, you'll get a quality review, along with a critique for yourself of your book. You'll be able to look at the review and select which platforms you'd like the review shared to, if any, or keep it to share somewhere yourself. You'll also get your very own post on the IFP blog!

What could possibly be better??

Again, you'll get a review, a critique of your book, and a post on the IFP blog shared to all of our subscribers!

Check out our fiverr ad to get started!

Reviews are so crucial to authors, and you can't afford to pass on this deal! Why spend time anguishing over whether a blogger can review your book, when we can do it for you!

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