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  • P. Barrera

10 Common Plot Problems (Part 2)

This week we're picking up with our last 5 common plot problems and how to fix them! If you haven't check out last week's post, visit here!

1. I don't know where to go from here.

You're plugging along and all of a sudden you hit a wall. You're stuck. Your characters don't know whether to go left or right. What do???

Firstly, stay calm! Remember, this is your world. There are endless possibilities. Take a moment to stop and spend a few minutes brainstorming. Write down all your ideas, even if they're totally implausible. Somewhere in all that mess, your solution will appear. Don't worry. You're the writer! You can handle it!

2. There's too much to say, and it's overkill.

This happens a lot to me especially in my fantasy worlds. There is so much to explain to the reader, but the last thing you want to do is write a million paragraphs of lore.

Simple solution: have one character explain it to another. Use dialogue to convey the lore/whatever without bogging down your reader.

3. One of my characters is boring.

Give your character an obsession! Give them something that brings out aspects of their personality that we don't normally see. Make them a little bit anal about something. Throw a wrench into their perfect little world and see where that takes you.

4. The action is boring.

In this case, less is more! If the action is boring, take some away. Don't try to spice it all up by adding more. Cut some words out, cut some sequences out, leave a little mystery for your reader.

5. There's some info missing.

If you can't fill in the blanks, just make it up. This is especially easy with fantasy-world stuff. Or, if making it up isn't your style, take out the scenario that involves needing that info.

Hopefully all these tips help! Stay tuned for next week!

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