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It Begins in Rye

December 14, 2017

1939 Rye, East Sussex, England


Calling all young men to stand for King and Country. Join your local Air Force, Army, or Navy. Germany tyranny is eminent and must be stopped. I repeat calling all young men to stand for King and Country.


The tribulations and labor pains of War have been stirring. Many find themselves already prepared for a war with Germany. Five lives caught in the mix of the mess. Each telling their own story, yet each connected to the last. This is only the beginning of the new era, the Young Man’s Era.


Not one life will go through the next year unscathed. Each will be affected by war, by lies, and by secrets. Although the dark grey cloud of war looms over their heads a silver lining of hope shines through. A silver lining that one day they can return to their farms and their families and live like they once had. Only first must they defeat what’s beyond the channel.


It Begins in Rye: The Young Man’s Era is the first book in a new Historical Fiction series that portrays five lives effected each year of a six-year war that would take the lives of 3% of the world’s population.

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