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Return to Royalty (A Gexalatian Tale Series #1)

Winner of Draft to Dream competition 2016 in the YA category, sponsored by Judith Briles' Author U.


Nyx Estrella is a princess from Gexalatia, a world on the other side of a portal. Unfortunately, she has no idea. Sent to Lucky, Texas, when she was a baby to protect her from the evil King Paraximus, her biggest concerns are grades and seeing her friends. She has no idea that she possesses magical abilities and that her reality is about to become really strange.


Jet Lamia is a war prisoner ...

by E. Paige Burks

Jewels for Gemma

A short science fantasy story.

Gemma is a retired member of GLOW, the Galactic Law Enforcement Over-Watch, Earth's premier defense organization. Rescued from a nuclear war on her home planet of Hyacinth when she was a child, Gemma fell in love with GLOW before finally falling in love with her husband, Jared. Together, they retired from GLOW and built a life, bringing a beautiful baby boy into the universe. Gemma's life was more than she ever imagined it would be.

But strange feelings start to infect Gemma when she finds a blue jewel carelessly tossed into the grass on her way home one night. Paranoia has gripped her, driving her to do things she would never have done, including trying to murder Jared. Can Jared find out what this jewel is and why it is driving his wife mad before it's too late?

A Short Science Fantasy by E. Paige Burks

Return to Gexalatia (A Gexalatian Tale Series #2)

Nyx Estrella, a girl who thought she was from Earth, has finally made it to Gexalatia. She thought she was prepared, but Gexalatia is much more foreign and dangerous than she could have ever imagined. Jet, her teacher and bodyguard, fights to keep her safe from monsters and more of King Paraximus' forces, who want to see both of them dead.


Led by a vicious warrior named Savra, a group of Paraximus' elite soldiers are after them, following them from the Limen into the Abjure forest. Jet thought dealing with his former comrades wouldn't be hard, but Savra poses a challenge to him in more ways than one, including old feelings for her that he can't seem to let go of.


Meanwhile, in Ymber, the manor of Sorona is attacked. Two young girls, Ellie and Bailey Atturon...

by E. Paige Burks

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