My Journey - Perserverance

The quote, "You are your own worst enemy," sums up my writing journey and affects many artists. Heck, I think everyone struggles w

My Journey - Adventures

Writing was not my passion initially. I started off that kid in class asleep as the teacher read off pages from novels. Then after I began t

I need a cover! Now What?

You cover literally will be the difference between a sale and a pass. Don't skimp on your cover when you budget for your book.

My Journey - The Beginning

My writing journey has been of a kind of muddled road, where I was constantly trying to figure our what I needed to do and how to make this

I wrote my book! Now What?

Welcome to the second part of our NOW WHAT? Series! Did you follow last week's guidelines? Were you able to write your story? Did you finish something you've been working on? Congratulations! Your are now an author! This is big news! You've finished your manuscript, poured your heart and soul into it, and maybe even bled a little. Your newborn ideas are on paper and ready to be raised into adult ideas that can go out into the world! So how do you do that? Step #1: Make that bad boy shine! Every fledgling manuscript needs a thorough read-over. This is something that you can do, but don't do it as soon as you've put down the pen! Once you finish the first draft, put it away for two weeks. Let

"Let's talk about ISBNs" By E. Paige Burks

I've joined a few writer's groups on Facebook and I've been very surprised by what some writers don't know. One topic that came up is ISBNs. So we're going to talk about ISBNs. What is an ISBN? ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. It is the number on the top of the picture up there. One agency per country is designated to issue ISBNs. ISBNs can be found on any type of media world-wide and are unique identifiers for works. They can identify different editions, as well as different titles. How do I get an ISBN? The agency approved to issue ISBNs in the US is Bowker. You can visit their website at DO NOT BUY ISBNs FROM ANYONE OTHER THAN THEM. Why? Every ISBN is




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